About Us

About us

Alda inspires cooking, with its top-notch appliances that breathe a new life into the kitchens.

Some of the world’s best brains have been at work to innovate, design and develop products that, to put it simply, make preparing food as much of a pleasure as eating it!

Tweaked to Indian requirements, Alda’s range of Chimneys, Built-in Hobs, Cooking Ranges and Cooktops promise to bring out the culinary artist in you. They make cooking convenient, hassle-free and safe. Making use of the latest innovations and technological advancement, Alda is in synch with the demands of today’s homemaker who wants to prepare a variety of meals, with the minimum of discomfort.

Good cookware is a prerequisite for good food... cookware that is safe to cook in, distributes heat evenly and is easy to keep clean. Alda’s international range of Cookware is specially designed by Italian craftsmen for people with a passion for cooking. For our house-proud customers, we also make sure that it looks good and is long lasting.

Alda’s range of exclusive, rich crockery is the epitome of elegance; classic, delicate, sophisticated… exquisite crockery with gorgeous rich patterns of gold/platinum, inspirational design, accentuated details and unique elements. An endeavor to bring the best in beauty and quality to your tables to brighten and enrich your dining experience.
So, bring home Alda today and see your kitchen come alive.